Skin Packaging Machine / 貼體包裝機

Model TB-390 skin packaging machine has the advantages of wide scope of use and low costs. It needn't models in packing any kind of goods, and the packing procedure is simple with the effects of transparent, beautiful, strong feeling of stereo perception, preventing damp and dust.


TB-390 型貼體包裝機應用範圍廣 , 成本低 。包裝任何形狀的物品均不需模具, 包裝程序簡捷 : 具有透明、美觀 、立體感強 、防潮防塵 。
電源電壓∕Voltage 380 V
整體功率∕Total Power 7.5 Kw
包裝面積∕Area of Packing 390 x 540 mm
包裝速度∕Rate of Packing 50-60 times/h
包裝材料∕Packaging material 貼體包裝膜Skin Packaging Film
薄膜寬度∕Film Width 450 mm
外型尺寸∕Size (LxWxH) 1,000 x 690 x 1,230
重量∕Weight 180 Kg


Automatic Impulse Blister Sealer / 高速吸塑包裝機

Model BX3050 Automatic Impulse Blister Sealer is based on the theory of adjust ability of electricity generator's heat, using pneumatic components to drive pressing board to combine the card board with plastic-absorbing material like PVC. PE. and PP. It is easy to control, convenient and high efficient, suitable for Paueages of various delicate toys, stationery, household appliance, small tools.  It will make your products good looking and attractive.


電源∕Power Supply 220V 15A 1.5Kw
工作面積∕rarn size 300 x 500 mm
工作效率∕Working Efficiency 18 times/min
外型尺寸∕Dimension 508 x 712 x 1,400 mm
BX3050 自動高速吸塑包裝機采用氣動元件驅動壓板工作 , 使用可調節電發熱原理完成 PVC. PE. PP. 等塑料吸塑成型片材料與低板對合 , 操作簡易 、方便 、效率高 , 適用于各種精美玩具 、文具 、日用品 、小型工具的吸塑封口包裝 , 令您的產品包裝顯得晶瑩通透美觀挺括 , 增加吸引力 。


Hot Shrink Packaging Machine / 熱收縮包裝機

Electronic non-stop speed variation, automatic temperature regulation, solid relay control, stable and reliable, long duration and low noise.

Suitable for light-industry food beverage, sweets, cultural goods, artificial painting, hardware and tools, daily merchandise, chemicals and so on.


電子無級變速自動調溫 、固態繼電器控制 , 穩定可靠 、壽命長 、噪音低 。適用于輕工 、文化用品 、工藝美術 、日用百貨 、五金工具 、化工用品等 。

電源電壓/Power Supply 220V 50Hz 380V 50Hz
加熱管功率/Heating Tube Power 5 Kw 7.5 Kw
輸送速度/Conveying Speed 0-10 m/min 0-10 m/min
輸送重量/Conveying Weight 5 Kg 15 Kg
收縮爐內股/Shrinking oven Meas. 800 x 400 x 190 mm 830 x 450 x 260 mm
外型尺寸/External Dimension 1,180 x 640 x 600 mm 1,400 x 710 x 1,180 mm
重量/Machine Weight 100 Kg 150 Kg