JM Series Colloid Mills / JM 系列膠體磨


JM series colloid mills are superfine processing mills for grinding wet materials.  This series of products in its structural design is a pioneer work ever appearing in China. This product is not only advanced in design, but abso reliable in performances, simple in application and complete in variety.  The main specifications of the product have reached the advanced technical level of the similar products at home and abroad.

The application of the mills is briefly accounted as follows: Food Industry: fruit juice, jam, soybeans, peanuts, cream, beverages, lacovo ( extract of malt and milk ), yolk, ice cream, etc.

Household Chemical Industry: oily, water-soluble, or powder-containing high-quality cosmetic paste such as vanishing cream, etc. shoe polish, tooth paste, soap, detergent, bath detergent.

Chemical Industry: solid lubricant, paint, dyestuff, emulsified asphalt, emulsified rubber, plastics plup, adhesives, etc.

Other Industries: plastic industry, medicine-producing industry, textile industry, architectural industry, paper-making industry, etc.

JM 系列膠體磨為濕式物料微細加工機械 。 該機結構形式為國內首創 , 設計先進 , 性能可靠 , 操作簡單 、運轉平衡 、噪音小 、易維修 、耐腐蝕 、用途廣 、品種全等特點 。 主要技術指標已達到國內外同類產品先進水平 。

應用範圍如下 :

食品工業 : 果汁 、果醬 、大豆 、花生 、奶油 、飲料 、麥乳精 、蛋黃 、冰淇淋等 。

日用化工 : 油脂 、水質 、 粉制膏霜等高級化妝品 、牙膏 、肥皂 、洗滌劑 、沐浴精 。

化學工業 : 潤化脂 、油漆 、染料 、乳化瀝青 、乳化橡膠 、塑料漿液 、膠粘劑 。

其它工業 : 塑料工業 、製藥工業 、紡織工業 、建築工業和造幣工業 。


名稱∕Name 立式膠體磨/Colloid Mill 變速膠體磨/Variable Speed Colloid Mill 臥式膠體磨



JMS-130 JMS-80 JMS-50 JMS-180 JMW-120
Fineness of processed materials (um)(Single or multi-cycle)



2-50 2-50 2-50 2-50 2-80
Production capacity(t/h)(varies according to material properties)
0.5-4 0.07-0.5 0.5-4 0.07-0.5 0.005-0.03 0.8-6 1-4
電機功率(千瓦)/Motor Power(kw) 11 4 11 4 1.1 15 11
電機轉速(轉∕分)/Rotating Speed of main shaft(R.P.M.) 2930 2890 1750-5000 1600-5000 1750-5000 1600-5000 2930
External dimensions:LxWxH
55x55x140 45x46x133 99x44x133 68x38x93 53x26x58 135x55x134 1070x340x740
機器總重(公斤)/Overall weight(kg) 320 190 420 210 70 550 150


Electromagnetic Induction Sealer/電磁感應封口機





This machine use electromagnetic induction to make heat sealer and seal bottles.  It can seal plastic bottle, glass bottle, glass bottle and other nonmetal bottle.  It can upgrade your products, prevent natural moist absorbing, prolong quality date and quicken sealing speed and sealing quality.

本機對塑料 、玻璃等非金屬瓶狀容器進行加熱封口 , 通過感應加熱封口 。 可提高產品檔次 、 防止自然吸潮 、延長保質期以及封口速度和封口質量都有明顯提高 。

製袋尺寸∕Bag size DGYF-S500
功率∕Power 0.5 Kw
封口直徑∕Sealing Diameter f20-80mm
封口速度∕Sealing Speed 0.2-2 S
重量∕Weight 15 Kg
外形尺寸∕Dimension (LxWxH) 340 x 290 x 130