Granular Automatic Packaging Machine / DXDK40 自動顆粒包裝機


Uses: It is suitable for automatic packaging of loose, non-sticky and powdered products such as food, medicines, tea, chemicals and seeds, etc.

Features: All the works of bag-making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, code heat-printing can be done automatically.

Packaging Materials: Paper/PE, PT/PE, PT/PE, PET/Plated AL/PE, PET/PE, BOPP Film, Tea-leaf filtering paper and other heat sealable laminates etc.

TThe parameter of Model DXDK40 is same to Model DXDK40 II.


用途 : 適用于醫藥 、食品 、化工等行業鬆散狀無粘性顆粒狀物品包裝。如沖劑 、茶葉 、杆物種子 、味精等 。

特點 : 可自動完成製袋 、計量 、充塡 、封合 、分切 、計數 、熱壓批號等功能 。

包裝材料 : 紙∕聚乙烯 、玻璃紙∕聚乙烯 、聚脂∕鍍鋁∕聚乙烯 、聚脂∕聚乙烯 、BOPP 薄膜 、茶葉濾紙等可熱封的複合包裝材料 。

DXDK40 型技術參數可參考 DXDK40 ll 型


Automatic Granular Packaging Machine / DXDK40 II 自動顆粒包裝機



This machine is a new model developed on the basis of DXDK40. It performs bag-making, metering, filling, sealing, cutting and counting in a single process automatically. Ink ribbon printing device is optional.  In addition to the functions of the original model this machine also features:

  1. Intelligent photoelectric tracking with reliable performance, easy adjustment, and accurate measurement.  When maximum error occurs, it is corrected within five packs.
  2. Step less pack length adjustment mechanism to achieve adjustment of pack length between 50 and 110 mm.  No parts replacement is required.
  3. Metering device with automatic adjustment.  Adjustment of pack capacity can be performed during the operation of the machine.
  4. Non-contact switch is adopted for photo detection, featuring long service life.

Applications: The machine is suitable for packaging non-sticky or granular material, such as medical  pills, food , tea, plan seeds, spices, chemicals, etc.


特點 :

該機是在 DXDK40 自動顆粒包裝機的基礎上開發的新機型 , 可完成自動製袋 、計量 、充塡 、封合 、分切 、計數等功能,可選配墨帶打印裝置 , 該機除具備原機型的特點外還有如下新特點 :

  1. 採用智能型光電跟蹤系統 , 性能穩定 , 調整方便 , 檢測準確 , 最大誤差 5 袋內修正到位 。
  2. 採用無級調整袋長機構 , 滿足了 55-110 毫米之間袋長的調整 , 不需更換配件 。
  3. 採用了可調式計量機構 , 機器在運轉中可實現包裝容量的調整 。
  4. 檢測光電基準信號採用無触點開關 , 使用壽命長 。

用途 : 適用于醫藥 、食品 、化工等行業鬆散狀無粘性顆粒狀物品包裝 。如沖劑 、茶葉 、杆物種子 、味精等 。


製袋尺寸/Bag size
L 55-110 mm, W 30-80 mm
包裝速度/Capacity 50-100 Bags/min
計量範圍/Filling Range 5-40 ml
電源/Power 1.5 Kw
重量/Weight 350 Kg
外形尺寸/Dimension (LxWxH) 600 x 790 x 1,740 mm