Multi-Functional Film Sealer


This machine is designed for sealing ordinary single-layer film, composite film, and all other heat-sealable materials. It is available a vertical type, horizontal type, and vertical-horizontal dual type. It can also perform a continuous seal and stamp the date of manufacture on the sealing area. Sealing and printing can be completed simultaneously.



該機適合小袋包裝 , 採用電子恆溫和無極調速的傳動機構 , 可自動連續封合各種材料的塑料薄膜 , 同時可印上產品生產日期 。 該機有立式 、 臥式 , 操作簡便 , 封口長度不受限制 。


ZSF-880 FR-980A
功率∕Power 500 W 570W
封口速度∕Sealing Speed 0-12m/min 0-12m/min
封口寬度∕Sealing Width 6-12mm 6-10mm
溫控度數∕Temperature Controlled 0-3000C
印字種類∕Word-Print Type

Steel Wheel

Solid Ink Wheel

傳送載量∕Loading of Conveying 2.5 Kg 7.5 Kg
重量∕Weight 30 Kg 50 Kg
外形尺寸∕Dimension ( L x W x H ) 880 x 420 x 320 mm 950 x 400 x 430 mm