DXDK1000I, DXDK 1000ICH, DXDF1000I Powder Packing Machine


Performance Features:

This packaging machine adopts PLC control made by MITSUBISHI (Japan), pneumatic actuator components by FESTO (Germany) and temperature control deevice by FUJI (Japan).  The overall machine is simple in structure and reliable in control. It features two heating modes for the thermal sealing of single film or compound film.  The operation of the machine is simple and all operations can be performed by the customers easily.  Metering by volume or by mass can be implemented at user's options.  It is suitable for the automatic packing of various granular or powered materials, dedicate food, etc.  It features automatic bag-making, material filling, metering, trade mark positioning, cutting, failure alarm, and automatic failure stoppage functions.


Ply-in pack device, Single film device, Printing device.


Capacity Unifilm 30-40bag/min

Polyfilm 20-50bag/min

25-40 bag/min 25-35 bag/min
Filing Range 150-1,000 ml 150-1,000 ml 150-1,000 ml
Bag Size L 150-280mm / W 100-200mm

Single-Phase 220 V / 50 Hz

2.5 Kw
3.2 Kw
4.2 Kw
Air Consumption 60 (L/min) / 0.7 Mpa 70 (L/min) / 0.6 Mpa 60 (L/min) / 0.6 Mpa
Weight 600 kg 850 kg 650 kg
Packaging Materials

Unifilm Polytene (0.05-0.08 mm)

Dimension 1,700 x 1,100 x 2,700 mm Main Machine 1,700x1,100x1,400mm

Weight station 950x930x1,350

Rack 1,400x1,100,1,600mm

1,700 x 1,100 x 2,700 mm